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September 25, 2018, 10:07 AM

So this is my thoughts of the day:


Woke up this morning to coolness in the air and how nice it was to be in bed with a warm blanket pulled up to my neck, And the dogs holding me down like I was in a cocoon. And I realized we are getting in to my favorite time of the year. Fall!! I love the cool mornings and the warm days, just perfect to work outside during the day and set by a warm fire at night. I love the changing colors of the trees, and the smell of fall, trust me, fall has a smell, don’t believe me take the time to stop and just smell the air, fall has a smell.

I got out of my cocoon this morning and let the dogs out and set on the porch watching the dogs and drinking my morning coffee, I opened up Facebook, scrolled past the political post, and I came to a post that made me think, 14 Fridays till Christmas. Been seeing a lot of post about how soon Christmas was coming, and each time I think wow I need to start getting ready for Christmas. But today while I was drinking my coffee, which by this time is about half gone, and my mind is starting to kick in from the caffeine, I began to think, are we excited for Christmas coming for the right reasons? Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the decorations, and the lights, and everything about Christmas, but are we missing the point of Christmas with our excitement?

I love Christmas, my family is all under one roof, the food, the grandkids, the food, the laughter and joy of being together and celebrating the holidays, and the food. Did I mention the food? But also, I get to celebrate the day that The Christ was born. The day that Jesus, the Son of God, became human and lived among us. I think at times we forget the true meaning of Christmas, yes, it’s a time to celebrate, but we get so wrapped up in the celebration that we forget what we are celebrating. We forget that this is Jesus’s birthday party. We get in to such a frenzy about the right gifts for each person on our list that we forget the most important gift of all. And lord forbid that someone gives you a gift out of the blue, that just throws a monkey wrench in the whole works, now we must return the favor and get a gift in return, we cannot get with out giving in return, can we?

To many of us have this mentality that we cannot get without giving in return. But that’s what Christmas was and is about, we got a gift, and nothing was ask in return for it. The gift of Christ is a gift you could never earn, or could never pay back, you could never afford the price that was paid for it. Which is sometimes why we make Christianity harder than what it is. We try to make it about the work we do, sorry no its about the work HE did. Christ dies for you, he gave his life for whom ever would accept his sacrifice, he gave his life, so we could live. That’s what Christmas is all about, it’s about Jesus and his gift to us.

This has turned into a long thought today but I’m going to close with one final thought. I want everyone to understand one important thing about Jesus, his gift is for everyone. Yes everyone! No one is to far gone for Jesus, no one is too broken for Jesus to save. Jesus died for each and every person on this earth. He died for you and asked only that you loved him in return.

Jesus left heaven for you, so he could give the greatest gift of them all, himself. that’s what Christmas is about.


09-25-2018 at 11:39 AM
Pam white
I get it i get wrapped up with the gifts however i remember the true meaning i started last year reading a christmas story about jesys before i allow the kids to open gifts and then gave each of the little ones a book about jesus making memories with a point and teaching them about the best gift evet
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